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How many horns on a unicorn google

how many horns on a unicorn google

Problem Number of Horns on a unicorn! Calculate the number of horns on a unicorn! And I'm talking about a unicorn with not more than one horn on it!. Google loves to slip in-jokes and hidden features known as "easter eggs" from Google Calculator include "number of horns on a unicorn " and "once in a much -derided description of the internet as a "series of tubes". Wer bei Google „the answer to life the universe and everything“ eingibt, erhält man das Easter Egg: Im Suchfeld „the number of horns on a unicorn “ eingeben. how many horns on a unicorn google

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Google Unicorn This after my comment being up one hour. MATLAB and Simulink resources for Arduino, LEGO, and Raspberry Pi Learn. Googles Rechenkünste, komische Antworten und Insider-Scherze. Opportunities for recent engineering grads. Die Zahlen sind beliebig austauschbar, die zwei Punkte müssen jedoch bestehen bleiben, damit Google die nachfolgende Ausgabe liefert. Google liefert das Ergebnis. No gore or porn including sexually graphic images.

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